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Read, Write, and Share with your friends -- we turn your book into a website.

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All you need is a digital copy of your book, and your work could be published.

Designed by Readers

Made with the latest design trends in mind. NewBook feels like a modern reading experience.

Online Publisher

We turn your book into a coded website, all you have to do is provide a digital document.


Share what you
Read and Write.

Future updates will allow users to share what they are reading and writing. Follow your favorite authors and subscribe to what your friends are saying. Authors will soon be able to keep in touch with their readers.

A shared library of books
created to

Use tokens to read books in the Public Domain, or read books from Authors who have published here. Contact us to learn more about publishing. This is a Library system of check-outs, but you can always re-read anything you paid for.

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Built for all kinds of users.

Have trouble finding books you like? Need to try them out? Looking for a simple way to get books to readers?


Release your book

Place your book on a platform that enables anyone with a web browser to read your work.

Connect with readers

The writers and readers are all common users of the app. Look for future updates that will open a new type of Social Networking.


Building a community.

Built to create a new community - a new way to socialize - a social book group.

This new app is pre-loaded with
Public Domain Books.

While the first Authors are adding their books, Public Domain Books will also be added

Routine and rapid app updates

This project is brand new and will be updated often as the development continues

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book library

Built for the User, the Reader, and the Writer.

The idea was to connect reader to writer and provide an accessible way for Indie Authors to publish their work.


Stay focused on your book.
Publish to a platform that markets to a digital world.

You have a book to write. Finding a publisher is a difficult process, and finding the readers is even harder. Now anyone with a phone or laptop can see your book.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

Authors can define their own price, and all books in the Public Domain will be 1 token

$ 1 /or less

per token

Public Domain tokens to read books in our Library

We aim to add hundreds of Public Domain books

Read books from long ago

Help support those who have yet to publish their work

A digital home for Reading, Writing, and Sharing

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All you need to publish your book to our platform is a Digital Copy of your work, and we will pay you cash for every book you sell.

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Who was this built for?

Initially built for writers to publish digital copies of books, and help them build an audience faster


What are Public Domain books?

Public Domain books are how we put cheap reading on the app, and how we can have more books to read in the beginning


Are Public Domain books free?

Yes, you can find Word documents and PDFs of Public Domain books on the internet -- a cost typically comes with having the text in a Reader that is easily accessed


Why does it require a token to read Public Domain books?

One Token grants access to a book in the Public Domain inside of a reader on the app. This is a way to help support the app as it continues to be developed

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